Common Structures


Have a structure that looks great yet it does not block the sun? 

Add a Retractable Canopy System


Adding a retractable canopy to the pergola created shade making the lounge area more comfortable in the daytime.

Extend an Existing Patio

Project by Morgan Holt

Wood framing was added off the end of the rear patio so the canopy and lighting system could extend the existing area. 

Retractable Individual Sections

Project by Morgan Holt

The canopy system comes in rows that slide on a cable like exterior horizontal curtains. They can be opened or closed from either end.

Stand Alone Framing


This canopy was attached from the house out to the beam creating a shaded patio area from the house to the pool.

Custom Projects

Tensioned panels over the framing, angled for water drainage.

This custom design was done to add shade and match the style of the surrounding area.